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Three Reasons Why College Students Need an Online Portfolio or Resume

Jul 26, 2017 | Michael LeSane

It's no secret that this generation of college graduates is experiencing greater difficulty finding gainful employment. At the same time, businesses that are actively hiring are experiencing difficulty finding the best candidates for their job openings.

While there are high expectations for these positions, that is not to say graduates aren't qualified. For many, they're not being found by the right businesses, or worse, their resumes fail to stand out and highlight what they're truly capable of.

Nevertheless, competition is tight, and professionals cannot afford to be just another face in the crowd. With this in mind, having a hosted online portfolio or resume is the first essential building block of one's personal brand.

It Helps Maximize Your Exposure to the World

While LinkedIn is a great way to be engaged by recruiters, they may not represent businesses whose vision or values are a match for you. Recruiters have a vested interest in simply filling roles. Businesses, in contrast, are interested in finding a candidate that fits both skillset requirements and reflects organizational values.

It's not unusual for hiring managers to research candidates to learn more about them. The more surface area you have online, the better you can strategically present yourself to prospective employers, and the more they see should they happen to search for you. Passing mentions of you in school publications shouldn't be all that employers find when they search for you.

Having an independent web presence sets you apart from individuals that are lacking it or confined to social networking and jobs sites. Consequently, it puts you ahead of the competition.

You Have Full Control over Design and Content

Having your own dedicated web presence means you can have it designed and developed to your liking, rather than being subject to the restrictive formatting that tends to characterize profiles on social networking and jobs sites. You have greater control over your content and how it's managed. You can truly express yourself, and through demonstration of your credentials, capture who you are as an up-and-coming professional.

Furthermore, when you have control over the format and design of your website, search engine optimization and traffic analysis is on your terms, especially if building an audience is what you seek to do. For third-party services, generation of specific interest in your site and credentials takes a backseat to their own objectives.

It Shows That You Go the Extra Mile

Having a dedicated web presence shows that you go the extra mile in your endeavors, something that employers find appealing by virtue of the value you have to offer to them.

Competition among businesses for capable, driven, and self-motivated talent is as competitive as (if not moreso than) competition among candidates for job openings. When you're that ideal candidate and employers know it, hiring is on your terms.

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